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Thanks for stopping by and checking out my site for my interactive fiction. I'm using Choicescript to write and code my story. Hope you enjoy yourself.

Born of Dust: Espien

This is my first WIP and is in it's playtest stages. For more on this, please check out the Work In Progress tab. Feel free to leave constructive critism in this forum.

Playtest Born of Dust: Espien

About Silverstone

Hello! I'm Silverstone, an aspiring indie author who has a love of interactive fiction. As a child, Goosebumps Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books were my favourites. It always struck me as something special; being able to choose your characters fate and interactions. It sparked my love for reading.

Growing up I was always, always told by my teachers that I haven't the talent for writing. That it's not something I could ever achieve or do well at. After being discouraged like that... I didn't try my hand at writing again until I'd come across some modern Interactive Fiction (IF) works.

After some encouragement, I've finally begun to work on my own IF story. Now here I am, slowly slugging away on my first Work In Progress (WIP). ^__^

Born of Dust: Espien

This is my first WIP. It's a story set in a post apocalyptic world where you are born with an enhanced gift of ESP. Extra Sensory Powers in this story. Right now it's in it's playtest stages. I've changed the working title from The Gift: Uprising to Born of Dust: Espien. It works well with the futer works I have planned that are connected to this. I do still need feedback/constructive critism. Please feel free to leave me a comment in this forum.

Playtest Born of Dust: Espien

I've also got a second WIP called The Last Lunarian Mage. It was something I entered in Lordirish's CS Comp 2015 and ended up being barely out of the skeletal stages. It's been shelved for now as my main focus in on "Born of Dust: Espien. "

Interactive Fiction

Stories where you control the outcome. This is what interactive fiction is about. Or at least, how I would describe interactive fiction.

These days, technology allows us to be able to create IF works digitally. There are many different ways to achieve this. For me; I am using Choicescript. Choicescript Info Webpage